Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


What is a Newborn and Premature Baby?

Babies in their first 28 days after birth are called newborns, and babies born before 37 weeks of gestation are called premature babies.

The first four weeks after birth are risky for newborn babies. In order to overcome this risky period and protect the health of the baby, it is most appropriate to have all births in a hospital with a neonatal intensive care unit.


Services Provided in Our Unit

Care of all babies, no matter how prematurely born or low in birth weight,

Long-term care of premature babies,

Treatment of babies of mothers with diabetes,

Treatment of neonatal infections,

Respiratory support treatment in babies with respiratory problems (with mechanical ventilation device or CPAP),

Total parenteral nutrition (intravenous nutrition) support,

Treatment of neonatal digestive system diseases and nutritional problems,

Treatment of newborn baby eclampsia,

R0P (Retinopathy of Premature) examination in premature babies,

X-ray, USG and ECO at the bedside,

Our unit receives 24 hour support from the Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Surgery units 


Technical Equipment in Our Unit;

17 incubators, 1 open bed

17 monitors

9 mechanical and 1 HF0 ventilator

1 transport incubator

6 phototherapy devices

Portable X-ray device, Portable USG and Portable ECO 


With its specialist physicians and experienced nurse staff, advanced medical facilities and equipment, our neonatal intensive care unit provides health services not only to babies born in our hospital, but also to newborns born in other hospitals that are in need of intensive care.