Microdiscectomy Surgery and Lumbar Hernia Surgery


Lumbar hernia disease is a disorder that occurs when the discs that provide the connection between the bones in our back and protect them are damaged.


Lumbar hernia causes contraction and numbness in the legs together with intense back and leg pain. It is one of the most common health problems that affect daily life. Although there are different treatment methods, the microdiscectomy method is preferred because it is an operation with the highest patient comfort and the lowest indication risk.


Through Microdiscectomy;

• The operation is performed through only a 1 cm incision.

• The possibility of damage to the muscles and nerves around the disc is negligible.

• Incontinence, paralysis risk etc. after the operation are very rare.

• Depending on the health condition of the patient, spinal anesthesia (anesthesia from the waist down) can be applied.

• Patients are discharged 1 day after the operation and can continue their daily life in a short time.


Although lumbar hernia is known as a disease that develops depending on the advancing age, it is likely to be seen in individuals of all age groups. Completion of CT and MRI examinations after clinical examination in order to make a definitive diagnosis of the disease is very important in determining the treatment.